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Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Conservative Crew Directory of Candidates

I have launched another Blog, to allow voters to quickly learn about the lesser known conservative challengers running for elected office in their community. By clicking on their state, voters may peruse the conservative candidates running to replace their local, liberal, incumbent Democrat and/or Republican politicians.

During every election the power brokers in each party determine which incumbents are vulnerable and which ones are not, leaving the average voter with little or no say in who should represent their values in Congress. We must change the dynamic, by recruiting true conservatives to replace the big government cronies in both major parties.

I believe elections should be about the people selecting one of their own to represent their interests for one or two terms, not electing career, big government, sycophants to enrich themselves at the expense of we the people.

Please help populate my new site, with true conservative, limited government patriots, who are willing to sacrifice time with their families to help restore our country. After years of being represented by big spending bureaucrats, who have systematically destroyed our prosperity, we must replace as many liberal incumbents as possible.

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