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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Choice for Breast Cancer

My 3 Choices

This China study reveals that with one abortion a woman has a 44%, with 2 abortions 79% and with 3 or more abortions an 89% higher risk of contracting breast cancer.

The Left, spearheaded by Margaret Sanger in the '60s knew about the link as far back as the 50's, when studies first showed the link between abortions and breast cancer. Yet they conditioned young people of the "Me Generation" to see this as their free love salvation, a get out of pregnancy free card, relieving them of the burden of an inconvenient unwanted pregnancy.

When you delve deeper and divorce yourself from emotion and view this from a strictly political perspective you see this is a brilliant Marxist population control tool that also serves to recruit an entire generation to vote with the Democrat Party. You see once a mother and father have signed a blood oath with the abortion rights advocates to exterminate their unwanted son or daughter, then these would be parents will challenge anyone or any group who dares tell them that they did anything other than exercise a mother's right not to carry their child in her body. This is why most women who have committed abortion on their son or daughter will furiously defend their right to abortion. Marxist seek to control the people though population control and what better method than to kill the unknown person in the womb and later kill the baby's mother with breast cancer, it is a win, win for them.

The Democrat Party supported Planned Parenthood is the source of much of this evil as they engage in a symbiotic relationship with Komen Race for the Cure. Planned Parenthood provides the abortions which later create breast cancer patients, which in turn provides more donors for Komen Race for the Cure, which in turn donates more money back to Planned Parenthood, so they may provide more abortions.

Best just to pray for and love those friends and family members, who have sadly made the wrong choice, but they must be warned that they run a significant risk of contracting breast cancer. I pray once these poor souls realize that they were lied to about the risk of contracting breast cancer, that they will see the light and ask the Lord for forgiveness and halt any pro-choice/pro-abortion support activities that may encourage future generations to abort their babies and then contract breast cancer.

55 million+ American sons and daughters slaughtered for the sake of convenience since Roe v Wade was passed, this has got to stop!

Bombshell Study Finds 44% Increased Breast Cancer Risk for Women Having Abortions

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