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Thursday, June 26, 2014

KATU's Pattern of Discrimination Against Conservatives in Favor of Democrats

2010 KATU Bias News Coverage for Congressman Earl Blumenauer

2014 KATU Congressman Blumenauer's "Your Voice Your Vote" Candidate Infomercial 

2012 KATU Ellen Rosenblum's "Your Voice Your Vote" Candidate Infomercial 

Aggrieved '12 Rosenblum & '14 Blumenauer Republican Challenger- 
James Buchal

Portland's ABC affiliate KATU has perpetrated a long standing discriminatory policy against Republicans and more specifically against conservative candidates running against Portland career politician Congressman Earl Blumenauer. 

As far back as the 2010 General Election, KATU has been censoring news coverage of all Republican candidates. In 2010 the Congressional Republican nominee Delia Lopez was victimized by KATU's coverage of the November General Election when KATU purposely misreported the results of Earl Blumenauer's Congressional race. It is my belief that the Democrats were so concerned about Blumenauer being defeated by Lopez that they attributed her GOP votes to their Libertarian competitor Jeff Lawrence. The racist Democrats were terrified of the prospect of their loyal Latinos voting for his opponent Delia Lopez. KATU was more than willing to report fraudulent results on Election night and to retain the inaccurate results on the KATU website for weeks following the Election. 

More recently KATU seems to have set their sites on blacking out any coverage of Congressman Blumenauer's 2014 Republican opponent, Yale Law graduate and author James Buchal. Despite numerous requests for an appearance on KATU's political program "Your Voice Your Vote" in both 2012 when Mr. Buchal was the GOP AG nominee and this year as he runs for Congress, their Producer Evon Burnicle has steadfastly refused to invite James Buchal on their program. When you consider how much free air time "Your Voice Your Vote" dedicated to support both of Mr. Buchal's Democratic opponents in 2012 and 2014 you can see a clear pattern of discrimination against Republicans. 

Section 73.1941 [47 CFR §73.1941] Equal Opportunities:

"...if any licensee shall permit any such candidate to use its facilities, it shall afford equal opportunities to all other candidates for that office to use such facilities…"- 

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