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About 10 years ago, I created this blog to expose unreported news stories that were being censored purposely from the general public in order to craft not inform public opinion. We must all seek the truth in all things and reject the lies being fed to us over the airways of the mainstream corporate owned media.

The truth is we are all Blessed with the gift of free will to either choose good or evil, love or hate, forgiveness or un-forgiveness, by worshipping at the alter of either Jesus or the enemy.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

How "The Donald" Could Drain the D.C. Swamp

1. Banish all corrupt mainstream media from the White House Press Core.

2. Meet individually with each and every member of Congress to discover where their allegiance lies.

3. Reform the Federal election process by outlawing: 
  • Early voting
  • Vote by mail without excuse
  • Electronic voting machines
Repealing both the Help America Vote Act and Clinton's Motor Voter Act. Both of which have encouraged and facilitated the active voter participation of ineligible dead, under aged, relocated, illegal alien, animal and fictitious voters, who have been cancelling out the votes of honest adult US citizens, who have chosen to follow the law by voting just once in each election.
4. Have the FBI investigate Internet censorshipdefrauding of ad revenue to content producers, by failing to attribute the accurate number of views on posts that run counter to the site's bias narrative.

Social media applications like Facebook, YouTubeTwitter that engage in manipulative programming to steer public opinion towards issues they support, while at the same time, denying recognition of issues that run counter to the political views of those who own these social media sites.

A Federal transparency rating system site should be established to allow Americans to see which social media platform offers the greatest opportunity for free expression of ideas. This would encourage more transparency among social media sites through old fashion competition.

5. Retake control of the Internet that Obama unlawfully gave to the United Nations on October 1, 2016.

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