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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Time for Another Rally In Support of Our Great Country

In Kansas City we are planning another rally to offer patriots an opportunity to show their solidarity with the founding principals of the United States of America. May 1st was established as National Loyalty Day back in 1958 and has been commemorated every year since.

What better time to come out and rally for our country in opposition to the anti-American mobs that have been hired by Soros to cause chaos by pitting different factions of our citizenry against one another.

If you wish to organize your own Loyalty Day or weekend rally, simply find a public park and invite your neighbors to peaceably assemble there on or about May 1st of this year. I would be happy to list your event page link on Conservative Crew Blog please share your link with me on twitter @Lisa4OR1st or find me on Facebook at Conservative Lisa

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