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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Freedom of Speech Denied at 4th of July Celebration

Nearly two years ago in 2012, when I was both running for Congress and working as a paid signature gatherer. My friend Laurie and I were harassed by liberals who sought to deny us our Constitutional right to free speech.

For those of you who are not aware of the finer points of signature gathering, as a rule of thumb we are allowed to ask for signatures only on publicly owned land not in a privately owned area. So to gather signatures at a state or county fair grounds is fair game, as well as public schools, athletic centers and parks.

That being said after many wrongful evictions from lawful public locations by either the police or the threat of police arrest, my friend Laurie was arrested & prevented from earning her living not once, not twice but three times in 2012. Likely the most horrific example of police brutality occurred on the very day Americans celebrate our Constitution and Bill of Rights, at a fireworks celebration in Happy Valley, Oregon. On the 4th of July, Laurie was wrongfully arrested, denied her 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech at a tax payer funded public park, denied her ability to earn a living, body search several times and humiliated in front of about 60 of her fellow citizens, before being haled off to the county jail to be locked up with common criminals.

Obviously Laurie filed a lawsuit against the police yet this issue is still in litigation. To my mind, Laurie's case exemplifies the ever growing culture of government intimidation. Laurie must prevail in her case not just for her own sake but for our country's integrity. We the people will not survive and prosper in the home of the free and the brave if we continue to allow our own employees to deny us our liberty.

1st arrest after Laurie was released from the Hillsboro, Oregon Jail

Assault on Free Speech at 4th of July Celebration

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