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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bias Journalism Foments Election Fraud

The utter media bias/blackout of anything Buchal was appalling, so I very much doubted that the Oregonian would have allowed this comment to even be posted, which is why I have also posted this article here on my blog. To date, this critique of the Oregonian has never been published in either their online or in their archaic paper version. The Oregonian staff has to live with themselves, but if they keep spewing liberal propaganda, while ignoring the majority on the other side, they will soon lose all relevancy. 

Nationwide the 2014 Election sent a clear message of opposition to the corrupt liberal Democratic leadership from the President to Harry Reid's Senate. The Oregonian and more specifically this paper's editorial board was knowingly or not complicit in the Election fixing scheme, that continues to afflict Oregon, as evidenced by their utter lack of coverage for the 3 Party Portland Congressional Nominee (I)(R)(C), James Buchal. 

This brilliant Portland, attorney, is the author of "The Great Salmon Hoax," a distinguished former member of the Harvard Debate Team and earned both his Law and MBA at the same time from Yale. You just cannot get any more well qualified a candidate, than Mr. James Buchal(earned nearly 640,000 votes for '12 AG). Yet the Oregonian's editorial board apparently never even contemplated offering Mr. Buchal the courtesy of an endorsement interview. 

Rather the board simply rubber stamped Portland's career Congressman, multimillionaire, Earl Blumenauer. This entitled, elitist Congressman has never worked outside of elected office, rarely ever interrupts his life to actually campaign and over the years has refused to debate any of his Republican opponents. Yet this is the Congressional candidate the Oregonian and all other Portland media biannually showers with editorial support. Perhaps the failing old guard media relies too heavily on the advertising revenue derived from these incumbents to offer any semblance of journalistic integrity. 

The Oregonian has shown an astounding lack of interest in reporting on the true reason behind Oregon's apparent electoral insanity. In 2012, when James Buchal was the GOP AG nominee. He volunteered his legal services to fight his political opponent's legal team in an Election integrity lawsuit in an effort to force SOS Kate Brown to follow an existing Election law. Did the Oregonian see fit to cover that fascinating story or much of anything regarding the AG race of 2012? The answer is obviously no. Perhaps that was because Buchal's opponent at the time, Ellen Rosenblum, just happened to be married to the Willamette Week's owner, Richard Meeker. 

If you are a liberal pro abortion and gay marriage Democrat and you are faced with the choice of a liberal Republican and a liberal Democrat, you are not going to go outside your Party to risk voting for the liberal Republican. Therefore, the GOP liberal candidate only succeeds in alienating his/her conservative base, who would rather not vote, than vote for a liberal. 

After many years of running liberal, Republican candidates, who lose every time, perhaps in 2016 the GOP will finally recruit and back more true conservatives like James Buchal. The real tragedy is, that even when a brilliant, honest man of integrity, like James Buchal runs for office, he will also continue to lose, unless someone exposes the systemic election fraud that afflicts the blue states. By using corrupt machines and illegitimate voters, election fraud allows crooks and incompetents to attain wealth and power, as protected, elected Democratic officials. 

When corrupt politicians no longer fear the wrath of their constituents, we have lost all accountability. The very foundation of our democratically elected Republic relies on fair and honest elections, where only legitimate, adult US citizens are allowed the privilege to vote once. When under aged children, illegal aliens, long dead relatives, relocated out of state residents, cartoon characters and fine upstanding members of our pet community are allowed to be registered to vote-by-mail/absentee, then the will of the legitimate voters will always be canceled out in favor of the illegitimate voters

Exactly how many stolen elections have to be witnessed in blue states for the legitimate, defrauded electorate to rise up and demand a return to their Election Day only polling places, where photo ID must be required for them to exercise their Constitutional privilege to vote?

While living in Oregon, I investigated Election fraud for years; running for office, calling for recounts, learning the system, auditing the ballots, suing the SOS and this is what I have to report. 

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FYI despite numerous tries the Oregonian refused to post my comment pertaining to this article:
Oregon LIVE: Republican Party Faces Long Road to Recovery

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